Printix and Ironstone: A match made in the cloud

Printix and Ironstone creates Power BI solution

Ironstone evaluated more than 20 different print solutions before choosing Printix. Together, they have created an Open Source Power BI solution, to support modern workplaces with detailed analytics and insights.

How Ironstone and Printix came to partner up

Ironstone is a modern managed service provider, born in the cloud. They focus on Microsoft Cloud, specializing in Microsoft 365 and Azure. Two years ago, they started the development of their fully cloud-based and managed client solution, Best Place to Work. According to Morten Reinhardtsen, Ironstone’s Head of Operations, the biggest obstacle they encountered was how to find a cloud-based, serverless, and Azure Active Directory supported print solution.

The search for the best print solution partner 

The Sales & Relations Director of Ironstone, Harald Karlsen, said that it was quite surprising to them that none of the solutions they evaluated supported their three criteria. But with help from Google, they managed to find Printix. Just like Ironstone, Printix were a relatively new startup company with highly skilled employees. To their great relief, Karlsen said, Printix presented a print solution that ticked off all their requirements.

After a thorough test drive, Ironstone decided to go with Printix and make it the default print solution to all Best Place to Work customers. They are very pleased with the decision, as are the mutual customers, Karlsen said.

Providing insights with an Open Source Power BI solution

The Power BI solution gives you insights into your print usage, printers, print queues, and much more. This solution provides all users of Printix with the possibility to get detailed analytics of their environments, which was impossible before.

With a traditional print management solution, we would never be able to accomplish what we have achieved with Printix. We are now delivering added value to customers’ business, based on analytics of their print management solution, updated daily!

– Morten Reinhardtsen, Head of Operations at Ironstone

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