Printix as Global Cloud Print Management Solution for Jotun

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A “Cloud Wind”: Why Jotun Chose Printix for Cloud Print Management Across Their Global Sites

Cloud print management solution, Printix, chosen by global coatings manufacturer, Jotun, to provide digital transformation for printing


Jotun is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative paints, marine, protective and powder coatings. Jotun had already started on a journey of digital transformation, when they realized the need to extend that to their enterprise print needs. Their legacy Windows 2008 servers were about to be deprecated by Microsoft. The need was urgent, but they wanted a best-of-breed cloud solution that was futureproofed and worked within an Azure environment.

Choosing Printix

Kjersti Lutnes, the Group IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager for Jotun, took the challenge of moving from legacy servers to the cloud head-on. Jotun needed to remove their dependency on print servers, whilst maintaining a seamless and easy user experience, all across their global sites. Jotun’s Norwegian IT Infrastructure partner, Atea, recommended them to explore replacing Windows Server 2008 with Printix. Once established as the solution of choice, the team at Printix worked in a highly collaborative and agile way with Jotun and implementation partner Atea.

This project went so smoothly; unlike anything I’ve seen in IT before.

– Kjersti Lutnes, Group IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager at Jotun

A seamless transition

Initial rollout took around 2 weeks to cover 60% of Jotun sites. In total, it took 2 months to fully deploy Printix across global, distributed, Jotun sites. During this time, end users did not even notice there had been a change to their print use. Printix’s vast experience in migration to an Azure AD environment, using Single Sign On (SSO) for serverless cloud print management, made the transition seamless.

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