Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Print vs. Printix Cloud Print

What are the differences between Microsoft hybrid cloud and Printix public cloud solutions being used for modern workplace printing? Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Print is a new feature for Windows Server 2016. This solution layers on top of existing Windows Server(s) running as a print server, and enables Azure Active Directory joined, and MDM managed devices to discover and print to organization managed printers. There are a number of subscriptions, services, and computers you need to acquire before starting an installation. Printix is a cloud print enablement platform approved by Microsoft, integrated with Azure AD and offered as a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS). This solution is serverless and enables complete print infrastructure migration to a Printix Cloud managed environment, to discover and print from any device to any network printer across multiple locations. There are no upfront costs, no additional maintenance or support fees and no commitments to get started installing and deploying in a matter of hours. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the key features and differences between these cloud print solutions.

Printix Cloud

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

CLOUD Cloud application where you only pay for what you need. No on-premise servers. HARDWARE / SOFTWARE Combination of Servers on Azure and on-premise Print Server needed for local printing.
ALWAYS UP Office print jobs stay local using most reliable and fast Direct IP Printing regardless of connection. DEPENDENCIES Reliance on servers to always be available. If line down, no printing available.
ALL INCLUSIVE A complete service offering that covers all infrastructure, clients, print drivers and support. PARTIAL On-premise infrastructure, print servers and hardware not covered or serviced.
OEM PRINT DRIVER Provisions, manages and supports all print drivers in the cloud for robust, feature rich printing. XPS & PDF DRIVER Utilizes XPS and PDF drivers to support limited feature set. Reliant on Print Server for OEM drivers.
CLOUD SUPPORTED Auto discovery of print environment, drivers and configuration. Managed by Printix Cloud. MANUAL ADMINISTRATION Detailed scripting, configuration and ongoing IT administration to ensure correct operation.
EASY MIGRATION TO CLOUD Copies your current print environment to the cloud in minutes. Users can print as normal. ADDED COMPLEXITY AND COST Adds complexity and requires the purchase of added VPN components, certificates.
PER USER FEE Simply priced (per user / per month) with discount for Enterprise and Education. Inclusive. SERVICE AND CONSUMPTION FEE Service, VPN, Certificate, Consumption fees. On- premise infrastructure costs. Added Cost.
RIGHT FIT Cloud Platform adjusts ongoing to remain a right fit based on your changing printing needs. FIXED Locked in to existing fixed infrastructure. Difficult and costly to increase or reduce in line with need.
MOBILE PRINT Leverages and extends the Printix Cloud Platform to provision an enhanced mobile experience. HYBRID MOBILE PRINT Requires printing to Azure and re-direct to on- premise Print Server to print.
  NOTE: Gartner estimates the annual cost of provisioning a Print Server to be approximately USD$2,500.00/yr. Printix removes the requirement for deploying Print Servers and having to establish complex corporate WAN for branch printing.

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