What is SaaS Print Management?

Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) has been part of the new wave that’s transforming the way we design and manage our workspace – just think about Microsoft’s success with Office 365 and SharePoint. Printing is one of the most basic business process that should be simplified with cloud computing technology. The marriage of cloud and SaaS allows organizations of any size to print and manage print with greater convenience, more robustness and efficiency at less cost. Here are some things to consider when looking to move print management to the cloud, combined with a SaaS business model, and compared to traditional print management software.

Printix SaaS vs. Traditional Print Management Software

Software Cost & Payment Frequency SaaS In the monthly Printix subscription, a company only pays for active users that printed in the previous month. There is no license fee, no upfront investment cost or any installation fee. Perpetual Most on-premise print management systems via a perpetual license means you pay upfront and own a license for the system. Increasingly popular is subscription pricing or a lease for access to the system. Either way, software will entail additional license costs annually if you add new users, modules or even upgrades to the system. Perpetual licensing usually costs around three times more than that of Printix SaaS licensing over three years. Maintenance Cost SaaS Printix includes maintenance and support. In addition, the price includes unlimited printers and unlimited users. Perpetual On-premise software models will typically require you to take an annual maintenance contract, which includes support, ongoing updates and patches. These contracts can be priced anywhere from 10% to 25% of the initial license cost. These terms are often negotiable and pricing can change when the contract term expires. Implementation cost SaaS No implementation fee. You can prepare your Printix Home in the Cloud, download and install the Printix print management client for Microsoft or Mac within a few minutes. There is no longer any need for print servers, printer specific software, or other hoops to jump through, before you just continue to print. Perpetual Most on-premise solutions require some set-up, even when straight out of the box or when integrating with other systems. This can involve software installation, database configuration and testing. These costs can also be incurred again on any future major upgrades. Hosting Cost SaaS Printix hosts the software so you don’t need to use or buy any server. Compatible with any device with a web browser; computers, tablets or smartphones, you won’t need to buy any new hardware to run your system. Perpetual An on-premise system will likely require new or upgraded hardware to properly run the system, if not in the short-term, certainly over time. This could include applications, database servers, PCs and networking infrastructure. Older hardware can be used initially but over time new releases, which typically require more computing power, will demand it. Data Back-up SaaS Your configuration data is stored securely in your Printix Home in the cloud, and so are print drivers that Printix Client uploads to your Printix library of print drivers. Perpetual All back-ups will be need to be made by you. That means your hardware, your staff. Personnel Cost and Requirement SaaS Printix SaaS and the Printix Client is managed and maintained by us as part of the cost. Perpetual You will need IT staff to manage the software and hardware. The scale of the software management task will depend on how much this will cost. Security SaaS Printing with Printix is at least as secure as traditional network printing. All Printix communication inside and outside the network is secured with encryption and the use of HTTPS (SSL/TLS). Perpetual In general client’s will manage their own data security, access, backup’s etc… Upgrades SaaS Upgrades to services, software, databases and applications are managed by Printix. Software upgrades are free and done in increments so there is never a big impact on performance. Perpetual All upgrades and costs associated with labor and hardware is with the client. You may have to budget for any major upgrades. SaaS Print Management allows you to improve efficiency and substantially reduce print infrastructure and IT administration costs. Plus, you get flexible and secure printing, with best of breed features from software print management like Print Anywhere, Secure Pull Print and device management. Printix SaaS Print Management isn’t just a different delivery model but a radical transformation in the way print management software is accessed, licensed, experienced and valued by customers.