Printix Insights on Microsoft Power BI

Power BI

Printix and Ironstone, it’s Norwegian-based cloud service provider partner, have created a Power BI solution that aims to provide all Printix partners and customers with a low cost open source data analytics product, adding more value to the Printix cloud print management solution.

Using the Printix API, the team has created a Power BI template to generate reports. The Printix Power BI template is designed to provide valuable insight into print usage showing statistics for users, printers, workstations, print queues, locations and historic data.

Insights into printer utilization, device performance, consumables usage (toner, paper), service messages and more.

Insights into how your organization is utilizing printers by location.

Insights into how many print jobs and pages the individual users have performed.

Insights into how workstations are configured and printer fleet details.

Print Queues
Insights into configuration details of the print queues found for your organization.

Printix Insights on Microsoft Power BI

Open Source Data Analytics

Printix provides easy access to our API using an access key. We open-sourced the work on Power BI and Azure Automation under a GNU GPLv3 licensing agreement and published it as an open repo on GitHub. The repo, gives you everything you need to build a Printix Insights report including a complete configuration guide.

Before using the API, you must contact Printix Support to obtain the access permissions required.

Want to contribute?

We encourage qualified Printix partners and customers to contribute to the Power BI/automation repo, to build and share a great solution together. The report is created by the community and everyone is welcome to contribute with new ideas, bug reports, and improvements to the project. Contact us with any questions.

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