Secure Print

Print confidential documents safely.
Save time, money and reduce waste.

No more documents ending
up in the wrong hands

Printix App

Use the Printix App to release documents on Printix managed printers.

To prevent others from collecting your confidential and sensitive documents, just wait until you are at the printer and then release the documents via the Printix App on your phone. You can print anywhere, as you choose the output device at the time of print release instead of when you submitted it.

  • Sign in once with Microsoft (Azure AD/Office 365), Google (G Suite), or your Printix account.
  • Select printer by scanning QR code or select from your favorites list and last used printers.
  • Use Groups to control access and deploy printers based on group membership.
  • Retrieve and reprint deleted documents up to 12 hours.
  • Available in 18 languages.
Printix app

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Secure Print is a security feature that holds back your printed
document until you are ready to release it at any printer.

  • Increase printing security
  • Avoid stressful print and sprint
  • Document security compliance
  • Reduce paper waste and carbon footprint

Features & Benefits

  • Hold documents for release at any printer
  • Documents stay on your network
  • Authentication via phone
  • Centrally deployed and managed
  • Any number of users
  • Any number of printers

Make fewer visits to the printer


Submit documents for printing, but postpone the actual collection of the documents until it suits you to release them.

Reprint recent documents


Documents can be restored and reprinted from your phone up to 12 hours after deletion. No need to walk back to your computer and print the document again.

Reduced printing saves paper and toner


By avoiding printing documents that never get collected anyway, your company saves money on paper, toner, maintenance and electricity.

Delete jobs you regret printing


From your computer, tablet or phone you can easily delete documents you did not need anyway. Without Printix such documents would go straight from the printer’s output bin to the wastepaper basket without having been used.

Third party Pull Printing

If you have a third party Pull Printing solution, you can still benefit from Printix. Users can continue using existing card readers to sign in and release documents from the enabled printers’ touchscreen control panel. Learn more

Secure Print with Printix

Secure Print provides the convenience, flexibility and security to print from anywhere, at any time and from any device to any printer.


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