Printix integration with Google

Seamless Integration with G Suite via Single Sign-On and Chromebook Printing

Printix integration with Google
eliminate your existing print server infrastructure

Want to eliminate your existing print server infrastructure?

Printix can help with a print cloud service for businesses and schools and offers easy Google G Suite integration via Single Sign-On (SSO).

Printix Integration with G Suite in just a few easy steps

With Printix’s G Suite integration, system administrators now have a much easier way to sync and authenticate users.

The first time a user signs in with their Google account, they gain fast, automatic access to printers, ready configured via Printix cloud administration. This significantly reduces time and effort for sysadmins and IT support staff.

G Suite Integration

Printix is integrated with Google G Suite to manage user access and enable Single Sign-On with Printix.

  • G Suite Single Sign-On to Printix
  • Passwords handled by G Suite
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Quick deployment
  • Scalability to meet demand
G suite

Printix Google Feature Experience

Printix for Chromebook printing

Printix for Chromebook printing

Printix for Chromebook allows you to print to Printix managed printers from Chromebooks and computers with Google Chrome.

MSI file

Deploy with MSI file

G Suite Admins can easily deploy Printix Client to users within their Google Organization, with any tool that supports MSI.

Google Groups

Google Groups

Use Google groups to control access to printers and deploy printers based on users’ group membership.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Enable storage of pending documents in your secure Google Cloud Storage to print anywhere.