Need help Meeting Data Security and Compliance Requirements Using a Smart Cloud Print Infrastructure?

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The Data Security White Paper from Printix covers the types of threats a cloud-based print infrastructure has to anticipate – and what types of steps can be taken to mitigate those threats.

You will also learn how cloud-based printing fits in with the expectations of data protection under the GDPR and HIPAA.

Printix Data Security White Paper

A few select headlines from the white paper:

  • Costs of Cybersecurity and Data Exposure
  • Cybersecurity and Cloud Threats of Cloud-Based Print Platforms
  • Crossing the Hurdle of Compliance and Print
  • Five Steps to Help Map Print Environments to GDPR and HIPAA Compliance
  • Creating A Secure Print Environment: Meeting the Challenge
  • Examples of Requirements for a Secure Cloud-Based Print Management Platform