Printix Partner Program

We aim to build the best cloud-based print management platform on the planet to help everyone proactively manage and optimize print by making it easier, cheaper and better.

Our goal is to provide the visibility and insight necessary, for customers to print responsibly and with greater efficiency, while achieving financial and environmental savings. To help realize these goals, and bring additional value to the customer, we are building a global community of trusted partners to help deliver sales, service, support and more.

Printix Partner Registration

Printix Service Partner

We provide the building blocks for you to manage your local Printix business and partner network from end-to-end. The Printix Service Partner Program is for businesses that want to include Printix as a key part of their service offering - providing sales, implementation and support to their clients on an ongoing basis. 

With no customer on-boarding cost, we offer a low-risk, low-touch solution to make a high margin. Partnering with Printix is a great opportunity for creating new business and opening new markets.

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Printix Affiliate Partner

If you’d rather just recommend and refer Printix to your clients, associates or other people you influence, check out our Affiliate Partner Program. It is free to join and you can earn revenue for every new account you refer that signs up to a paid account.

Printix Affiliate Partners introduce and actively promote Printix to companies searching for print management software.

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How will customers benefit best from our cooperation?

As a Printix Service Partner or Printix Affiliate Partner you’ll engage in the way that works best for you and your business and capitalize on the growth of cloud print management for everyone.

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Technology Alliance

Printix is about better print management but we will be much more than a print management company. We are rethinking all aspects of office printing and printer lifecycle management. We are building a flourishing eco system and will leave no stone unturned, to make things better for customers. We are open to strategic partnerships that fit and promote this goal.

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