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Printix for Business

Most enterprise software pricing is designed to charge you per user regardless of how many people in your organization actually use the software. We don’t think that’s fair.

With our Business Plan, you only get billed for active users. So you don’t pay for the users that aren’t using Printix. On a monthly pay-as-you-go basis, we simply count all users that logged in to the service and charge you accordingly. On an annual basis, if you pay for more users than you needed, we credit your account.

Printix for Education

Printix Education helps you deploy and manage a full cloud print solution for schools. The secure printing solution helps eliminate complicated and costly IT infrastructure and alleviate problems that arise when connecting multiple BYOD devices to school printers in multiple locations.

Our Education Plan is a fixed pricing model based on the number of administrative staff and faculty you enable to access the Printix service. When you activate your staff subscription, students are free!

Implementation Pack

Printix implementation pack is designed for customers who want Priority Implementation Support up to 2 hours and 12 months Priority Support and Technical Assistance. For two hours, within the first 90 days from the start of your Printix subscription service, an assigned expert will assist with the technical setup associated with Printix software.

Price: $ 250.00
Setting: Remote

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Commonly Asked Questions​

You can buy Printix at anytime during your 1-month trial period by just adding your credit card details under Subscription in the Printix Administrator. For an annual subscription, please contact to obtain a quote and initiate an invoice.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Credit Card

International payment service with most credit cards.

Bank Transfer

International bank transfer available for annual subscription payments above US$ 1,000 or € 1,000. You will receive an email from Printix with specific payment instructions.

When a user is registered as active in any given month, Printix counts this as “use of service”.

The Monthly Business payment plan is postpaid variable pricing based on the number of active users registered in the preceding month.

The Annual Business payment plan offers a 25% discount and is prepaid for the nominated active users you enable at the start of your subscription. On renewal, the new annual subscription is adjusted to the previous 12 months actual “use of service”. If your actual use was lower than the prepaid amount, you will receive a credit on your renewed 12 month subscription. If your actual use was higher than the prepaid amount, you will receive a debit on your renewed 12 month subscription.

The Monthly Education payment plan is a postpaid fixed pricing model based on the number of administrative staff and faculty you nominate to use Printix.

The Annual Education payment plan offers a 25% discount and is a prepaid fixed pricing model based on the number of monthly staff and faculty you nominate x 12 months.

Minimum Service Fee
For any tenant (customer) with less than 15 users, a minimum monthly service fee equal to EUR/USD 29.85 applies to enable continued use of the cloud service, hosting, maintenance, billing and support.

Yes, the larger your organization the cheaper Printix is for each user. Please Request a Quote or contact

Nonprofit Discount

Printix offers a 30% discount to nonprofits and charities that we verify. Use the price table for Business then deduct the discount or click Request a Quote. The approval process varies depending on your location.


A Printix subscription starts with a free 1-month trial account. At anytime during the trial period you can enter your credit card details to start a subscription. To unsubscribe, you simply create a support request informing us that you want to stop your subscription.

An active user is any user that logged into Printix (client and admin interface) at least once during the monthly billing cycle.

You must submit an order for the total number of Faculty/Staff Employees that you want to use Printix before you can get students for free.

The user becomes inactive and thus no longer billable after the end of the current month.

Simple – for the business payment plan any unused amount will roll over to the next year, indefinitely. We never expire prepaid balances.

There’s no limit on the number of users you can add to your account.

We won’t restrict you from adding new users when you need to. If you exceed the active users included in your annual business plan you will be charged per extra user at the start of the next billing period.

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