Printing with Printix

Secure, flexible and convenient printing anytime, anywhere to any network printer.

Print Later

The perfect choice if you need to print confidential documents with printer finishing options and want to ensure your documents print exactly as you expect them to.

  • The document can be released to the printer it was printed to.
  • The document is processed using the matching print driver, with full control of finishing options.
Printix Microsoft Azure AD Integration

Print Anywhere

When you submit a document to the Printix Anywhere printer you can roam between printers and release the document at the printer you choose.

  • If the release printer supports PDF, the document is sent directly to the printer.
  • If the release printer does not support PDF, the document is processed using a matching print driver.


From your smartphone you can reprint those of your documents that were deleted or printed within the previous 12 hours.

Even documents you printed directly to the printer, can be reprinted without going back to your computer and submit them again.

Printix |Secure Pull Print

Simplify your printing.

Printing is achieved via the Printix Cloud and a Printix Client computer running on the printer’s network. Once you have downloaded the Printix Client software, it will discover your printers and you’ll be able to print from all your devices without a bunch of annoying go-between steps. 

Print from any device to any printer

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