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Printix for Education

Cloud Managed Printing for Schools – Free for Students

Moving print to a cloud-based service and secure printing environment

Serverless print infrastructure

Printix makes it possible for schools to install, use and maintain a cloud-managed printing environment quickly, efficiently, and, perhaps most importantly without owning a print server. Printix’s architecture takes away all concerns for redundancy, backup, and failover and effortlessly scales up with any size educational organization.

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Easily deploy and manage print for schools

Automatic registration of users the first time they sign in to Printix with their Microsoft or Google Workspace work or school account.

  • Automatically installs print drivers
  • Automatically creates print queues
  • Unlimited users, unlimited printers
  • Easy client deployment through Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Software automatically updated
  • Organize staff by Groups in Azure AD or Google Workspace
  • Support desktop, BYOD, mobile and remote printing
Printix features

Modern printing for students and staff

Keep students and staff happy with a reliable, secure and mobile BYOD printing solution.


✓ Print from any device to any network printer

✓ Secure print and mobile print

✓ Chromebook printing

✓ Analytics and reports provided

✓ Print across multiple networks in different locations

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Central web-based management

With Printix Administrator, you can configure Printix and centrally manage your printers, print queues and print drivers from a web browser.


Minutes after a printer has been unboxed and connected, it can be added to Printix via phone, tablet and computer. You can have print queues automatically added and removed on users’ computers and you can set default printer.


Get Printix for your school

Discover how Printix Secure Cloud Print Management for Education can significantly reduce the cost of deploying and supporting printing in schools.

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