Secure Pull Printing

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 Printix Secure Pull Printing

Secure Pull printing is a security feature that holds back your printed document until you are ready to release it to you at any printer. With Printix Secure Pull Print, documents are only released when you authenticate yourself using the Printix web app on your smartphone. No more documents ending up in the wrong hands.

Printix enables users to securely print confidential documents from any smartphone, tablet or computer to any printer. You can print anywhere, as you choose the output device at the time of print release instead of when you submitted it.

Printix | Secure Pull Print


  • Hold documents for release at any printer
  • Documents stay on your network
  • Authentication via smartphone
  • Centrally deployed and managed
  • Delete documents  you regret printing
  • Restore documents up to 12 hours after deletion
  • Any number of users
  • Any number of printers


  • Avoid stressful print and sprint
  • Increase printing security
  • Document security compliance
  • Reduce paper waste and carbon footprint
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce support calls

Printix |Secure Pull Print

Pull Print with Printix

Pull Print provides the convenience, flexibility and security to print from anywhere, at any time and from any device to any printer.

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