We’ve moved to the Printix cloud

“Support from Printix is first class and communications fantastic, we appreciate the flexibility to accommodate our needs.”

Mats Weckhorst, Subject Matter Expert at End User Computing, Elkjøp Nordic AS

“Many of Jotun’s users were waiting for this exact solution, and they now have access to cloud-based print services from anywhere. ”

Kjersti Lutnes, Group IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager at Jotun

“Printix was the missing piece in moving to the cloud, making our cloud roll out move significantly smoother, and drastically reduced the support calls for installing and updating printer drivers.”

Kevin Hoddinott, Manager, Information Technology at Brampton Caledon Community Living

“Metier OEC carried out a thorough analysis of the market when considering moving all our IT operations to cloud-based services. Handling print in Microsoft Office 365 turned out to be a challenge as maintaining a print server in Azure would greatly increase traffic consumption costs with every single print session. Our Microsoft Partner, Ironstone, found the solution for us with Printix, providing serverless, cloud-based print management services. Printix makes it easy for our users on different locations to define a default printer, or “print-and-release” with the smartphone app.”

Frank Johansen, CTO & Product Director at Metier OEC

“Printix is by far the best product for 100% cloud organizations. They have managed to single-handedly solve all of the problems with printing in my organization.”

Robert Crawford, Network & Systems administrator at St. Tammany Fire District 13

“Printing was the last hurdle in our school for being able to go serverless. Printix is helping us reduce our monthly printing and licensing spend, introduce secure printing, and making printers super easy to manage as we roll out our Microsoft Azure infrastructure across computers and mobile devices. We couldn’t be happier!”

Tom Ferguson, ICT Technician at Renhold VC Primary School

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