Printix for Non-profits

Printix offers a 30% discount to verified non-profits and charities

Cloud-printing for non-profits and charities

Printix was built to work for and grow with you, without breaking the bank. This makes us the perfect choice for non-profits and charities and Printix offers a 30% discount.

Printix enables organizations big and small – including non-profits and charities – to provision and implement print in their cloud strategy, regardless of location and current infrastructure.

As a SaaS cloud platform, Printix provides unparalleled productivity and savings, automating the delivery and management of office, remote and BYOD printing for every user.

Features and Benefits

Printix allows organizations to manage services rather than servers, helping you focus your efforts and resources on what is most important for your cause.

Direct & Mobile Print

Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS & Android. Documents stay on your network or in your cloud storage.


Automatically installs print drivers and print queues, which eliminating time-consuming user print administration.

Reduced Costs

Printix allows you to remove on premise hardware, server administration, license costs and support fees. Pay only for what you use.

Global Secure Print

Release documents at the printer using browser, smartphone or tablet on any type of printer.

Print ready convenience

Easy to use and quick to deploy, smooth onboarding of new employees and support roaming users with print-ready configuration.

Seamless integrations

Our Azure AD and Google Workspace integrations allow further access and control features to deploy, control and manage your print environment in concert with Printix.

Non-Profit Discount

Enjoy a 30% discount if you are a verified non-profit or charity, without a lock-in contract.

Modern printing

Print anytime, anywhere, from any device to any printer.

You Print. We Manage.

Organizations still use too much time and money on managing a print environment and all aspects of printing, while often having little or no insight into the actual costs.

At Printix, our simple vision is to automate and simplify office printing, to help organizations optimize their investment with the least amount of effort, risk and cost.

Printix non-profit print

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